Unleash Your Inner Champion with Esports Betting

Esports odds provider is an emerging market for sportsbooks. Many offer a diverse selection of wagers related to popular video game titles – bets on who will win matches as well as more specific wagers such as first blood or correct score are offered by many sportsbooks.

Esports odds provider refresh odds in real-time, making it simple and straightforward to track line movement and increase your odds of making big profits through correctly placed bets.


Esports odds providers provide top-quality data for betting on eSports events, offering match winner and handicap markets as well as market-specific bets that focus on player kills, inhibitor destruction and pistol round winners – information encoded as binary data within each game, so it can easily be captured and saved without needing extra equipment or human involvement.

Quality esports odds feeds combine fast and reliable data points to produce betting markets that accurately reflect the true market dynamics of an event, thus reducing reliance on human error, increasing uptime, product offerings and margins while simultaneously decreasing human errors and human error rates. Bayes Live Odds, for example, provides a comprehensive solution with multiple odds feeds integrated through one single integration and data format that guarantee high uptime and low latency for optimal margins across an extensive variety of tournaments and titles.

Quality Esports Data Is Essential To Bookmakers’ Success: Integrity is Key. Accurate odds for new games is particularly critical to bookmakers retaining and attracting customers, so any inaccurate sources will quickly be identified by bettors and likely result in them moving to more reliable websites with more accurate odds. If bookmakers choose inferior data sources, bettors will quickly identify any discrepancies between odds displayed and reality and move quickly away.

The best esports odds providers are dedicated to the continuous evolution of their goods and services, such as APIs, widgets, interaction tools and auxiliary features. Furthermore, they invest heavily in cutting-edge technology and machine learning so as to provide bettors with an enhanced betting experience.

Data used by esports odds providers comes from various sources, such as a live scoreboard broadcast of each game and any broadcasted games themselves, before being converted into odds for each match and sent via an XML feed directly to betting websites or applications – these also help provide betting offers featuring accurate fixtures of thousands of esports leagues and tournaments that require regular updating.

Machine-learning applications

Esports betting attracts a young, tech-savvy demographic that tends to be more analytical than typical sports fans, so bookmakers need a top-of-the-line data provider in order to provide accurate odds. Furthermore, having access to reliable information allows bookies to create a product tailored specifically to this audience and meet its unique requirements.

The best esports data providers offer high-granular, undelayed match data feeds with an easy integration format that ensures optimal margins. They also offer various tournaments, titles, and markets to make building an esports offering easier; one leading provider, Bayes Live Odds provides an end-to-end solution featuring real-time event timelines, player positional maps, low latency video streams, detailed historical stats as well as more.

Sportsbooks must take into account multiple factors when calculating eSports betting odds, from player styles and team morale to recent management practices and player transfers, in order to accurately reflect changes in markets and provide accurate odds calculations. Furthermore, they should update these odds as the market evolves – this may affect final odds in some markets significantly.

Abios’ esports data is driven by server data, which captures every event occurring within an esports game in real-time and more accurately and less delayed than data obtained through public sources like TV broadcasts or live streaming services. This allows Abios to offer more granular wagers than its competitors while creating greater value for its customers.


Esports betting differs from most other forms of gambling in that players do not bet with real money but instead use virtual currency called “skins” to place bets, with these skins traded between players or used to purchase in-game items but cannot be exchanged for cash. Esports gambling has grown quickly in recent years but still isn’t legal everywhere.

United States states do not currently regulate eSports betting; however, New Jersey legalized it as part of their sports betting industry, setting an important precedent that may allow other parts of the nation to also permit such gambling.

Many online bookmakers have introduced eSports betting options into their sportsbooks due to its growing popularity among gamers and its potential as an industry. Alongside offering bets on traditional sports like football and tennis, these sites also provide bets on eSports events.

Esports odds are calculated using data gleaned from past matches and events as well as indicators about player mental states in the present situation. Once calculated, these odds are then published on websites as decimal numbers that provide useful guidance when making wagering decisions about which games to bet on. While these odds do not always accurately reflect probability for an outcome, they can help bettors make sound choices about which matches to wager on.

LANDuel provides players with a platform for placing bets on head-to-head matchups in esports competition, offering mobile, desktop and tablet betting opportunities. Furthermore, bettors may wager on whether a specific team will win or lose more games; bettors who bet on these total wins or losses receive greater returns – the higher your total number of wins the greater your payout will be!

Esports betting is legal in Nevada, New Jersey and Colorado but not fully regulated there due to lawmakers fearing illegal betting activity which would reduce tax revenues collected by their state and lead to black market activity.

Note that eSports betting is generally not considered gambling in most countries, including the UK. This is because eSports does not fall under traditional sports regulations. Nonetheless, UK residents can legally place bets on these eSports games through websites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission – unlicensed sites may be considered illegal so bettors should always opt for those licensed by UKGC when placing bets online.

Sites to bet on esports

Esports betting sites come in all shapes and sizes; the best ones offer competitive odds, an assortment of bet types and friendly customer support – some even provide new players with free bets or matching deposit bonuses! When looking for the ideal site for betting esports online, one key indicator should be an internationally-recognized gambling regulator such as UK Gambling Commission to ensure deposits and withdrawals are processed securely while the terms and conditions should also be evaluated thoroughly as some games may be prohibited in specific locations.

League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS: GO are among the most beloved esports titles available online and with wide audiences, making them an invaluable revenue generator for sportsbooks. Some sportsbooks utilize proprietary software that assists them with data analysis and setting odds – vital tools in competing with established sportsbooks.

Another key consideration in selecting an esports betting site is its website design. A user-friendly site with responsive designs, smooth animations and intuitive categorization should attract and keep bettors. Furthermore, generous welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions should be offered in order to attract newcomers while keeping existing ones.

Final considerations in selecting an excellent esports betting site include 24/7 accessibility. Tournaments often take place at inconvenient hours. Furthermore, fast payout systems should be prioritized; waiting too long could result in frustrating wins over short matches with short pauses between rounds.

The top esports betting sites provide plenty of props, such as total number of kills in pistol round or time it takes for team to reach 100 points, to add excitement and anticipation when betting esports. In addition, live streaming options give an added layer of excitement as you make bets.